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Becoming a Freight Broker or Freight Agent today is one of the most exciting and rewarding careers you can choose to be part of today as an online business. We feel it is the only legitimate online business that is available and the market is growing every year.

The logistic business is a billion dollar industry. There is room for a motivated freight broker agent  to make a huge yearly income working right from home. If you have the mind set and skills available to learn our proven method, the income potential is endless and all this can be done from a home-based location  anywhere in the world.

What can we do for you? Well we are glad you asked...

Become a member today and be part of the only Training Institute that offers you everything you need within your own member website. We are the Only Training Freight Broker and Freight Agent Program that mandates certification. This means you are truly qualified and capable of becoming a Professional Logistic Service Provider.

Learn at your own pace and your own terms..... Don't pay $ thousands of dollars for information all our members get for less than three hundred dollars. Take the opportunity and become a member and get access to everything you will need to start your brokering business today.

Our Live interactice classes, unlimited time for you to learn and the Freight Agent and Freight Placement Program is priceless.. All of our students become certified through Freight Broker Institute and Logistic Accredited Business Association.

Freight Broker Institute is leading the path for logistic professionals with all of our tools and resources available for all our members. With our trained personal staff walking you through the entire process to make sure you have a solid foundation. It is not our goal to just take your tuition fee, it is our goal to see you move freight and at the end of the day, this is what counts. 

Freight Broker Institute is a reputable freight broker training institute that offers the most in-depth personal training program on the market and also offers placement within our brokering firm to the qualified candidates when your freight broker agent training has finished. Our Brokering Company is a company of pride and integrity, with the idea that we are all in this together.

We don’t just want you as a student. We want you as a partner.

We are dedicated in getting you trained the right way through our proven methods and in depth study course that will get you on the path to success as a Broker/Agent. We also give you an unlimited amount of training time. Why? We want you to be knowledgable and to begin in this industry with us. We're partners, and partners help each other.

Your success is our success. No matter what way you look at it, we want you to make it. We want to make it with you. Two great minds are better than one!

Many Internet Training Schools Will use an entire web page to tell you how other training schools can not train you, or simply tell you that most people fail in this industry unless you choose them because they are the only company that can offer you a chance to make it......

We won't spend alot of time on why you should not choose other companies, it's just not our style to do so, we believe you can make your own decision and judgement.
We will however give you a few pointers to help you make the right decisions on what to look for in a company that might not be the best choice for a person wanting to become a freight broker agent.

We are dedicated to make sure you get all the knowledge needed. Our institute not only gets you trained as an agent or broker but we will also work with you in other areas of your business.

  • Business development.
  • Agent Placement.
  • Agent Continuing education.
  • Branding.
  • Sub Broker Program.
  • Certification.
  • Freight Broker Firm Consulting.

We are the only Training Institute in America that has the most versatile Freight Broker Management Software. The software has been designed by logistic experts and continually updated by brokers all over the States. Our software is designed by brokers for brokers.

Your Map to a Profitable Home-Based Freight Broker Business
freight Broker agent training
Your Future in Freight: Broker Basics and Beyond
freight Broker agent training
Amazing Facts of Shipping In the World. Nine pages full of information
freight agent school
Should You Become a Broker or a Truck Owner or Both?
freight agent school

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Freight Broker Training Online
Freight Broker Institute

Online Freight Broker Agent Training
Why do we offer thousands of dollars worth of information for such a low tuition price?  We hear this question daily and we can answer it quite simple. 

Freight Broker Institute is the standard for freight broker training and we want everyone to have the opportunity to be part of this exciting career path. Our Job as a training institute is to keep our students current with the most available resources and information. We believe the best way to do this is by having a student member enrollment program that offers all the information to each student in real time and up to date. When we say we are not in this just for your money, we truly mean it.  

Join today and start your New Career with the most dedicated training institute.

I went to a 5 day class and was overwhelmed with the vast amount of information given to me in just 4 days. The first day was spent talking about things that really didnt pertain to brokering. At the end of the week I left not knowing much of anything and I felt like I was just a dollar sign to the staff. I got home and tried to get help from them but they just wanted me to pay more for consulting. I had already spent nearly $3000.00.  I have now joined Freight broker Institute and they are working with me daily and Im learning alot from their very detail manual. Its been the best $89.00 Ive spent. Thankx Tom for all your help. :-)
Student Testimony
What a bargain and the information you get is unbelievable for just $89.00. The student member area has all the information I need to become a Freight Broker at my own pace. Im really satisfied with my decision.
Student Testimony
Everytime I have a question, they always answer, Im really happy to be a student member with Freight Broker Institute. Tom has gone out of his way to make sure I understand the material and I still cant believe the price.... Thank you for all your help.
Student Testimony
For the First time Ive seen, a fair opportunity with a more than fair price.....great Job Guys !!
Jasckson Transportation
Business Review
I have worked with the people of Freight Broker Institute before and can say they are honest and really do care. They really are interested in seeing others succeed.
Pastor Jake
Good Information is hard to come by when starting into a new career. Freight Broker Institute has given me the best information I have found available and I am amazed at the tutition price and nothing is hidden.
Student Testimony
Knowledge is power.
Sir Francis Bacon (1561 - 1626)
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We look forward to you touring our website and getting all the information that is available on our online freight broker training course. It is our intention for you to be educated and knowledgeable about the entire process of becoming a freight agent or freight broker. Our expertise does not only begin with training people to become freight agents, but we also work with freight broker company's in developing a solid foundation for agent placement and continuing education.
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